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 Happy 28th Birthday, Robert Pattinson! (May 13, 1986) 

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happy 28th birthday Robert Thomas Pattinson (13.05.86)

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Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986, in London, England: - Happy Birthday Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson♡

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Happy Birthday, Rob!!! || May 13th, 1986

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Happy 28th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Est. London, England. 13 May 1986.

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28 ♡

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Happy Birthday Wonderful Man!!! Thanks for all you do every day!!!!

love you Manu 

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Happy 28th Birthday, Robert Thomas Pattinson! (May 13th, 1986)

"I’m proud to say to have had the most pathetic modeling career in the world."

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Kristen Stewart + MET Gala through the years 2010-2014

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